My 5 Favorite Moves for a Dynamic Warm-up

The warm-up is something that is often overlooked and forgotten once we get into the gym. Or we may take a quick jog around the track, on the treadmill, or jump rope for a little bit. Granted, those do help increase your body temperature, which is a great start but there are a few more things you want to do to really prep your body and maximize your workout.

In this article I’m going to share with you the importance of a dynamic warm-up and my 5 favorite moves to get the most out of your exercise.

What’s the difference between a dynamic warm-up and a static warm-up?

Gone are the days of the stretch and hold warm-ups. Yes, that’s what your gym teacher told you to do back in the day — do some jumping jacks, run around the gym, touch your toes, hold for the count of 30, etc.

However, studies have shown that static stretching can decrease your power input, so if you are doing any type of strength or resistance training, you want to save the static stretching until after your workout.

Dynamic stretches, on the other hand, focus on continuous movement that helps to warm the body up, bring fluid to the joints, help raise the core temperature of your body, and prepare the body for athletic performance.

My Favorite Dynamic Stretch Moves

For all of these moves I suggest using either something like a stability (as shown) or you can use a resistance band to activate and engage the shoulders, upper back, and chest. In the case of a resistance band, you’d stretch it out in front of you to between your hands, keeping resistance on the band at all times.

  1. Squat with Overhead Reach

Hold the ball or band in front of you, sink your butt down as if you're sitting down in a chair and raising the ball/taunt band up towards the ceiling. As you return to the standing position, bring the ball/band back down towards the floor. Repeat this for a total of 10 repetitions.

2. Stability Ball Twist

With the ball/band out in front of you, feet shoulder width apart, rotate your torso to the right while shifting most of the weight to your right foot, repeat to the left for a total of 10 for each side.

3. Reverse Lunge with Overhead Reach

From the standing position, step your left leg back, bending the right knee, while bringing the ball/band up over head. Step your left leg up and repeat on the right side for a total of 10 per side.

4. Plank Walk Out

For these, start standing, slowly lower yourself down towards the floor bending at the waist. Slowly feel the stretch in your hamstrings as you begin walking out to a plank position, keeping your core engaged. Once in plank, slowly “tip toe” your feet in towards your hands, returning to the starting position. Repeat for a total of 10.

5. The World’s Greatest Stretch

Starting in a lunge position with your left foot forward, reach your hands down and feel the stretch in your glutes and hips. Rotate your left hand up towards the ceiling, again keeping your core activated and your right hand on the floor. Return the left hand to the floor and rotate your right hand up towards the ceiling. Bring the right hand back to the front, step the right foot up, left foot back, and repeat the same sequence on the right side. Repeat for a total of 5 per side.

What’s next?

I hope you enjoyed this dynamic workout. There are more moves that you can incorporate depending on the movements that you plan on doing in your workout as well as incorporating some short foam rolling sessions to really maximize your performance, but this article should give you a good start.

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