The Shift Shop Sneak Peek

10 minutes into the 25 minute sneak peek of the new workout from Beachbody called Shift Shop and I’m huffin’ and puffin’ and wondering if all those power jumps and diamond jumps I did in Insanity really got me into shape after all!

In case you haven’t heard, Shift Shop will be latest release in Beachbody’s sports training type programs that will be released in both the DVD and streaming service called Beachbody OnDemand (kind of like the Netflix of fitness). I did a short review of it here.

However, today I got to preview one of the workouts so I can fill you in a little bit more…

First of all, the workout gets right into it — -there is no warm-up or stretching, following along the same style as some of the Focus T25 workouts or even a few of the Insanity Max 30 workouts. The pattern is one minute on, rest, next move. There are no repeated moves in this particular workout.

There is no need for special equipment except for the new agility markers from Beachbody. Since this was a one time sneak peek, Beachbody gives us the option to print them out if you really feel the need for the octagon shaped markers. I simply used some post it notes.

The agility markers don’t need to be fancy ;)

These moves are all focus on sports training so there were new moves such as the Knee Drivers, where you start in a runner’s position, drive your back leg up towards the ceiling as you leap forward slightly. You repeat on the other leg as you travel forward to the next marker.

One of my other favorite moves is the Catcher’s Squat. You start at the first marker in a low, wide squat stance. You place your hands flat on the floor and slightly in front of you, while staying in that low squat. You put your weight in your hands as you hop your feet forward towards your hands. Then you tighten your core as you “raise your mit” up into the catcher’s position. You repeat the forward to the front marker, and then back to the “home base” marker for 60 seconds.

There are a few repeat agility moves if you’ve done Agility X from P90X3 (such as the Toe Top Agility move) or the Over the Fence moves, which are called the Hurdle Drill from Insanity. But these moves all have a little bit of twist to make them interesting (plus, it is nice to have a few recognizable moves that you can go all out on).

Again, if you haven’t read my other Shift Shop Review, please go check it out, or go here to check out Beachbody OnDemand and be one of the first to try it out as soon as it’s released. Better yet, get the annual membership here and it will automatically be in your Beachbody OnDemand library without having to pay anything extra — one payment, all access!

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