What’s the best book about emerging technologies and education? A syllabus query.

Bryan Alexander
Apr 20 · 2 min read

In one month my emerging technologies and education seminar will begin ( Emerging Tech and Education — 17121 — LDES 707–01). Already the syllabus is crystallizing, like some cross between a Transformer toy and a Max Ernst painting.

One hole yawns wide in the syllabus — for me, at least. I can’t choose a good book for my students.

I have plenty of articles, several videos, some podcasts, but no monograph, textbook, or other book-length title to share.

Digging into the topic yields books on emerging technology…. circa 2010. Not to mention good books on tech that’s already emerged, as it were: mobile, social media, video, etc.

Should I use Michelle Pacansky-Brock’s Online & Blended Learning: Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies (2017) ( Amazon)? I have a copy in storage, but haven’t gotten to read it yet. Or Charles Fadel, Wayne Holmes, and Maya Bialik’s just-released Artificial Intelligence In Education: Promises and Implications for Teaching and Learning ( Amazon), which I also haven’t read? Or is there another book lurking out there? Or perhaps I should have them read something less technical per se, but still relevant, like Joseph Aoun’s Robot-Proof (2017) (which I can’t assign, since they’ve all already read it).

Alternatively, I could pick a science fiction novel that concerns education, like Rainbows End (2006) or The Highest Frontier (2013).

Or… is this something my class shouldn’t do? Perhaps the topic is too new for a book-length work to have gone through the multi-year publication process. Or maybe the combination of topic and timeline (just one month, with plenty of other work going on, and most of the students working) makes including a full length book too much.

I believe firmly in teaching nonfiction books. I want students to get more practice reading sustained academic argument. They need exposure to the full range of research a book brings to bear.

Or should this just be the topic of my next book?

Any recommendations? And thanks in advance!

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Originally published at https://bryanalexander.org on April 20, 2019.

Bryan Alexander
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