Art fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

I. Gallery: Canvas “ Setting for a fairy tale”

A. Artists

  • Mayang Frigillana
  • J. Pacena II
  • Palma Tayona
  • Rai Cruz
  • Loannis Sicuya
  • Mek Yambao
  • Adeodatus Santa Juana
  • Melchor Ricardos
  • Brave Mabalo Singh
  • Ferdie Montemayor
  • Liza Flores
  • Ross Jaylo
  • Rommel Joson
  • Anton Del Castillo
  • Anthony Palomo

B. Medium & Materials

  • Watercolor on paper
  • Ink & gouache on paper
  • Mixed media on canvas
  • Oil on canvas
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Oil on wood
  • Oil & gold leaf on wood
  • Cut paper on wood veneer
  • Acrylic, graphite, epoxy, paper, wood & various found objects

C. Total numbers of artworks exhibited

  • 32 different form of canvas

D. Message

By the title of the gallery which is “Setting for a fairy tale” for me, the purpose of this gallery is to bring people in another world just by looking at the canvas being exhibited. Different canvas, different places, different feelings & different experiences. Among all the canvas exhibited “Juans upon a time” by Anthony Palomo captured my attention the most. Once you’ve seen this canvas you’ll feel like you are in a different planet, in a magical planet where everything is possible. For me this gallery (canvas) is the best among all the 40 galleries being exhibited, because I love fantasy 😁.

II. Special Exhibit

Among all the special exhibits, Pamela Yan Santos & Martha Atienza’s exhibit caught my attention the most. When I first looked at Martha Atienza’s HD video, I think it was boring, but after a few seconds it made me realized that her video is relaxing, by looking at the movement of the waves. On the other hand, Pamela Yan Santos exhibit is really different compare to others, The moment I stepped on the grass made by cloth, I felt very comfortable like i want to stay there forever.

Art fair Philippines 2016, was the first ever art fair I’ve attended. Though I’m not into arts, I really enjoyed looking on the different forms of art exhibited, Actually some paintings made me want to buy them, but unfortunately its too expensive, so I just took a picture of them 😁. For me this is a very unforgettable experience, looking on the different forms of art, created by different artists, exhibited in different galleries, with your best friends.