Please note that I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. You should consult with your attorney, as we did, before conducting a 506(b) or 506(c) offering. US Securities regulations (and interpretations regarding such regulations) are subject to change.

The information below is based on my research and understanding of the laws that exist as it pertains to marketing a Reg D 506(c) offering in the United States.

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When it comes to your STO Marketing, a common sense approach is always your best bet. Think Twice.

With the SEC still actively combatting fraudulent ICOs that launched in 2017, it’s become imperative that companies are fully aware of what can and can’t be done when it…

Over the past few months, I have become more and more interested in understanding how people’s social interests and behaviors potentially influence their consumer habits. I’m also curious to see what sort of correlations and insights you begin to uncover when you take census-level data and combine it with existing social media data.

With more and more individuals following and interacting with brands via social media, most prominently on Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense that we could leverage these user insights to understand our end-consumers better. …

At one point or another, just about every B2B marketer saw the end product of their B2C counterparts strategy and experienced a hint of jealousy. If I’ve learned anything working with clients in the Fortune 500 & 100 space it’s that marketing for a business-to-business model is one of the most challenging concepts to grasp in marketing. When the traditional marketing model is one that focuses on direct to consumer, marketing your good or service to another business is a different story. …

Bryan Angelo

Managing Partner — Three North | Digital strategy advisor, investor, and wine enthusiast. Writing about my life and things that interest me.

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