How exactly would it be harder to code if you don’t know English?
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As a native English speaker living in South Korea, I can vouch that it is _significantly_ more difficult to learn to code if you don’t speak good English.

Many of the high-quality learning resources are in English.

Even the languages themselves have English keywords (think “for” and “if”). While these keywords seem simple, we take for granted the very, very clear meaning of them.

Some languages/libraries/frameworks don’t have strong unicode support, creating an extra hurdle for languages using non-Latin characters.

Even in my current company, all of our named constructs are in English, as they’ve had issues with functions and classes named in Hangeul. If members of the team don’t have strong English skills, the meaning of functions and objects can be confusing. One recent example that comes to mind is a function named “usedReservation”. To me, it’s unclear what this function would mean. Ends up that it completes a reservation, so we renamed it to “completeReservation”. It’s a simple change, but the difference in clarity is enormous.

Lastly, if you want to learn from open source projects, many of those are also in English — their code, discussions, and documentation.

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