Build a Love-Driven Culture

Some organizations are fear-driven. Many rules. Many regulations. Policies galore. Yes, you can make money at those organizations — and if money is what you’re about, then fine.

But you can make more money by building a love-driven culture in your organization. By this, I mean an organization that seriously loves what they’re doing day-in and day-out. I’ll take partnering (and investing) in a company that loves what it is doing over a company solely worried about the bottom-line anyday.

The probability of creating a successful company or organization is too negative and the odds are too high to begin with. Last thing you need to fight against is resistance from the core team. The only way to overcome resistance and drive people to create something, that may even seem like an irrational decision to ever start, is to create and cultivate passion in the workplace.

When you start, start with passion, start with being love-driven, and the bottom-line will soon follow.

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