Oaks Worship:

As an Intern, You Will Learn the Process of Developing a Worship Album

Many students are looking for an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of producing live worship albums. With churches investing more $$$ in the production of live worship albums, aspiring worship pastors would do well to have a greater understanding of this process.

The Oaks Worship Internship within the Oaks School of Leadership is an incredible opportunity for aspiring worship pastors, producers, sound engineers and musicians.

One of the great opportunities that students have within the Oaks Worship Internship is the ability to be part of album production. Students not only learn how to lead others in worship, but they also learn the organizational process of bringing a live worship album to fruition.

Being a part of an album recording is an incredible opportunity, but it is not stress-free by any means. According to Oaks Worship intern Rachel Simons,

“Producing an album is both the greatest challenge with the greatest return. You get to take your worship to people all over the US and around the world — people that would never, ever get to visit the Oaks in person.”

Based out of The Oaks Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, the Oaks School of Leadership (OSL) is an accredited program that provides students with a BA in Church Leadership, plus an MA in Organizational Leadership (only 1 additional year) through a partnership with Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU). Further, OSL provides students with a discounted tuition rate ($493/hour) and additional scholarship opportunities, bringing the total tuition cost for students well below the cost of other private universities.