Seek Out Criticism

I want people to tell me where I’m wrong. It doesn’t mean that I am. I also want to be able to tell people that they’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that they really are.

Instead of running from criticism, embrace it. Criticism has a way of sharpening your skills. Frustrating it can be at first — but perhaps more than any other skillset out there, it has a way of refining you as a leader, both personally and professionally.

The most successful people that I’ve met, feed on criticism. It is like their lifeline in leadership. Doesn’t mean they change every time someone suggests something — but it does mean that, more often than not, they’re sharper, better with details, better at casting vision, and an all-around better leader with a great blend of confidence and humility (in that order).

Iron really does sharpen iron - Prov. 27.27.