The Value of Experience

When I go into an interview to hire someone for a key position on my staff, I’m looking for two things:

1. Experience 
2. Academic credentials

And in that order.

It is not enough for you to say I have a “degree;” especially when seeking out a leadership position. I mean, what does that even mean? Sure, you have book knowledge, but I’m hiring you to work and often, manage people. I need you to have people knowledge. I need you to have the experience of working with people and the ability to assimilate, mobilize and manage those people.

Internships through the LEAD Program provide you with the opportunity to build skills managing and leading people while you’re earning your college degree. God has called you to be a leader of people. Managing, engaging, motivating and caring for people are all skills that have to be developed over time.

LEAD Internships provide you with the experience you need to be ready to assimilate, mobilize and manage people in just your second year of the program.

That means, that by the time you graduate from LEAD, you will not only have a degree, but 2–3 years of experience in actually “leading” people.

So, don’t make the mistake that so many college students are making these days — the mistake of only getting “academic” experience in the classroom (unless, of course, your focus is research).

Instead — pursue an experience that you will learn from. One that will prepare you for the real world. Or . . . the real world will just pass you by.

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