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Great article. You could argue that Djokovic in the past 2–3 years has been playing the game at the highest level it has ever been played based on his statistical dominance. However, few players as dominant as Djokovic and Murray play the game in such a boring manner for spectators. With the regular overhead camera angle of a tennis broadcast you can hardly see the insane athleticism, quickness, and most importantly balance/flexibility that allows Djokovic and Murray to dominate the tour. All you see with the camera angle is the point construction which in the Murray/Djokovic case is built upon a rock solid foundation, impeccable shot selection, and the ability to go from defense to offense whenever they are put under pressure. The level is still every bit as high as it was in the past, but frankly watching Andy Murray and Djokovic play is actually quite boring. No flash, no showmanship, just physical and mental dominance.

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