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Discoverability has become such an issue for most new live-streamers that starting out on Twitch or Youtube Live has become almost impossible. Castweet is aiming to build a platform that increases discoverability for all streamers.

Everyone has heard about the millions of dollars that can be made by live-streaming, whether you stream your favorite game or broadcast your daily life. However, unfortunately for almost everyone, that dream is completely unattainable. The platforms themselves too often are only interested in promoting just the top-tier streamers. They seem to believe that just focusing on the already well-known has more potential benefit than giving a chance for any up-and=comers to help expand the platform. This has left millions and millions of potential streamers alone, streaming to either 0 viewers or viewers in the 10s instead of the 1000s…

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We are happy to announce that Castweet has been listed on the Foblgate exchange here in Korea with CTT/KRW pair and trading is live. In addition, we are running Two trading events to celebrate the listing.

You can trade now at:

Quick note: Trading is available to non-korean residents but KRW withdraw is limited. In order to trade for CTT, you would need to deposit BTC/Eth/other listed coin and trade for KRW, then use the KRW to purchase CTT.

About Foblgate:

FOBLGATE is an exchange made by domestic block chain company Gloucester and block chain accelerating company FOBL Labs.

It features a simple login method in conjunction with Facebook and Kakao. Easy and easy trading view is supported.

FOBLGATE also supports promising passwords and accelerating ratings through FOBL Labs, establishing a secure trading network by separating physical networks…

Cryptocurrency. Isn’t that the bitdollar thing? Blockchain. Never heard of it.

This conversation is all too familiar if you have ever brought up the topic around your family dinner table. Sure, while studies show that 80% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin, how many truly understand it? How many know what it is beyond “internet money that made that teenager on the news a millionaire?”

Even among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, most people view cryptocurrency as more of a speculative investment product rather than as a means of exchange.

Because of this, 2018 became both the birth and death of utility tokens, cryptocurrencies that promised to provide viable working products in which the coins themselves had both a monetary value and use case within a platform. However, the majority of utility coin ICOs was merely…

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Hello from Castweet!

I wanted to take some time to introduce our new blockchain project to everyone and talk about what we have upcoming in the near future. As our project is just starting our social media expansion and marketing push, you most likely have yet to hear about Castweet (CTT token) so let me introduce our project to you (the next posts will go into more detail abour our platform). You can check out our site at:

Castweet is a mult-broadcast platform based on blockchain incentives for everyone.

Castweet_ Bryan

Global Marketing Manager @

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