Beneath the Pixels: 2015 v1.1

Whew, January has started with quite the whirlwind. Device reviews, device features, device comparisons, another sinus infection, and more. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s gone on and what is to come

The Nexus 6

I’m really hitting my stride when it comes to maintaining a set schedule and checklist of what needs to be written about a device. I really strive to leave no stone unturned when I cover a device. It is why I take an entire month to write a three part review. It is why I continue writing about a device three and six months later. It is why I continually write features comparing them or highlighting things about them. The Nexus 6 is the second device that will receive a comprehensive and complete portfolio of work. The first being the OnePlus One, of course.

I've also chosen to compile a list of everything I work on with a device. Partly for me, and partly for you. For me, I can have a single post that houses links to everything I've written about a device. For you, it’s an easily share-able page where people can pick and choose what they want to read about a device.

A Handy List of My Nexus 6 Work
verything you need to know about the Nexus 6

Google+ Giveaway

In July of this year, I was busy writing my OnePlus One Hardware Review. At the time, I had a whopping 22 followers on Google+. Right now, I have 889 followers. That’s some pretty great growth. I am passionate about my writing and the community that follows me. Many of you have reached out to me personally about advice or questions regarding phones I’m covering, tablets I’m covering, and anything else technology related. Those connections are exactly why I do what I do here. I also want to give back even more.

When I hit one thousand followers on Google+, I’ll be giving something away. I have a pretty good idea as to what it will be, but it will be revealed later. The sooner I get to 1000 followers, the sooner I can give some stuff away. So if you feel so inclined, share my work around if you think it will benefit someone.

On the Horizon

There’s a ton of work to be done before March. I need to finish out the Nexus 6 content, revisit the OnePlus One, build an HTPC and document the entire process, talk about the Wii U, and some other secretive things.

If you have liked the amount of content coming out, I have good news. I don’t intend on slowing down one bit.

I have some great, great things planned for 2015. Let’s have some fun.

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