It’s good to bet on .NET

The tooling is best-in-class.

It runs everywhere.

There’s a spectrum of elegant languages to choose from.

logos of F#, C#, and VB.NET

There is a massive community and skilled labor-force.

It’s technically beautiful.

It’s 100% open-source.

GitHub (logo) + .NET (logo) = heart emoji

The ecosystem is top-notch.

  • Uno Platform and Avalonia — Two mature alternatives to MAUI, Uno Platform and Avalonia provide an elegant and delightful, performant, cross-platform UX framework.
  • Meadow — Created by my own company, Wilderness Labs, Meadow enables you to build IoT solutions in .NET that run on microcontrollers.
  • Telerik — The gold standard for pluggable UI controls available on nearly any platform.

It’s trusted by the Enterprise.

It’s not perfect.

In conclusion; .NET is a platform without equal in the industry.



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