A Psychological Analysis of How and Why Corporations Become SJW-Converged

Featuring Wizards of the Coast and ‘MagicGate’

Over the years, I’ve noticed a striking correlation between businesses becoming SJW-converged and them spiraling into failure. I initially concluded that it was SJW-convergence that preceded the failure spiral. But after further analysis, I have concluded something more the opposite: SJW-convergence is a common symptom of failure spirals. It is more a part of the feedback loop of self-inflicted failure than an actual primary cause. Consider the following (attempted) Petersonian psychological analysis of the case of Wizards of the Coast and #MagicGate:

Despite their best technical efforts, sales and engagement of Magic products have been steadily declining for the past several years —

This degree of failure — and a seeming inability to thwart it — can have profound psychological effects on those directly responsible. Regardless of the efforts of the executives and administrators at WOTC, nothing they did would finally reverse this dismal trend.

Unfortunately for business people (but fortunately for consumers), this degree of failure is not at all uncommon in a free market. Growth and contraction are essential feature of functioning markets. From a psychological perspective, the free market is a living dreamscape of hope, triumph, loss, and tragedy. For those who are successful, the market seems like an unconditional benefactor. For those who are being plowed under, the whole thing starts to feel malicious.

An organization as wounded as has been WOTC can react in one of two ways — it can be grateful for the past success its customers have granted it, accept its missteps as correctable, and humble itself to the otherwise unavoidable tragedies of existence. Alternatively, the wounded organization can become resentful of its customers, blame its ongoing failures on ‘outside influences’, and dole out petty punishments to anyone it can make a scapegoat for its failures -

Unfortunately, as we can see, WOTC have chosen to do the latter.

So what does this have to with SJW convergence and takeover of organizations like WOTC?

Well, as you may know, SJWs feed on resentment. They want nothing more than to be granted a role in society that allows them to unaccountably inflict misery onto others. In the shared mood of resentment, failing corporatists and SJWs suddenly find themselves to have much in common; they abandon the cross and become pawns in their own blame game. Additionally, SJWs make perfect foot-soldiers for corporatists, and people running these organizations come to realize that in a pretty specific way…

If you have worked at a failing corporation, you may know the story from the inside. Concerned employees on the inside of the company attempt to offer constructive criticism to decision makers. In a healthy, growing company, this can be fine. But inside of a wounded company like WOTC, this is a serious problem. Fortunately, there are certain individuals in HR who can be counted upon to dragnet these ‘malcontents’, tribunalize them into silence, or outright purge their ‘wrongthink’ from the organization. This particular sort of process is the proceeding for which SJWs are most uniquely qualified. As the machinery for the purge roars to life, alliances are quickly formed between resentful administrators and the most insidious parts of HR. Once the first wave of purges is complete, the next order of business for the newly empowered SJWs is to consolidate their power by stacking the rest of HR with fellow ideologues… and then the rest of the organization’s administrative positions.

For those who are familiar with the corporate SJW modus operandi, the story is very familiar.

But in the age of social media, the story gets worse. Not only can an organization sic these righteous little foot-soldiers on their internal critics, they have learned to sic them on external critics as well. Thanks to mob strongholds like Twitter and Facebook, an effectively world-wide network of SJW miscreants can be spontaneously compelled to form outrage mobs against a corporation’s external critics. In a way, you have to respect the efficacy of such a potent and adaptive force.

Yet, for all of its bluster, we know that organizations that become SJW-converged do not last. Resentment begets resentment, lies beget bigger lies, and outside of government-granted economic monopolies, these organizations generally implode in time.

From my analysis, it goes to show that good psychological health isn’t just for individuals. What we are learning is that there are few things more harmful to individuals and society than resentful organizations. WOTC can reverse the situation by realizing the same thing that is true for individuals - the only way out of resentment is to admit your mistakes, stop repeating them, and humble yourself to the people who actually care enough to offer constructive criticism.