Inclusivity Is a Joke
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I just wanted to let you know that your article hit the top of r/programming, then was silently censored by a corrupt moderator -

This is the comment I left before they brought it down -

There are some disturbing trends that the programming community are just waking up to -

1) These ‘diversifiers’ have been strong-arming technical communities with Codes of Conduct as a means to install levers of power over those communities that they may politically ‘cleanse’ them of ‘toxic’ wrong-thinkers —

2) ‘Diversity’ programs are often not intended to help minorities, but to stack the administrative positions with social justice enforcers and other positions with those compliant with their ideologically’ driven cultural imperatives —

3) Once HR has been stacked with ideologues, they arbitrarily threaten anyone who opposes their policies of undue process, workplace politicization, and outright intolerance of independent thinkers and ‘whites cis males’. A single BS accusation of anything that could be construed to ‘make someone uncomfortable’ will land you in the hot seat, and any will to fight back against this Kafkaesque abuse of power will cost you your job.

The programming community has been letting these ‘intolerants preaching tolerance’ run roughshod over it for the past several years, dividing technical communities and ruining work place environments. It is high time we work together to slough off this parasitic movement from our communities and businesses. Either that, or it could be your job that is next on their ideological chopping block.

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