It’s unfortunate the flack Hip Hop artists (Lauryn Hill will always be that before anything else to…

Hip-hop is hardly the only genre of music where this happens. Madonna is a prime example of this happening in pop music. She releases her best album in decades and what do people say? “She’s too old. She tries too hard to be relevant. She needs to sit down before she breaks a hip.” Her album full of potential hit after hit barely registers on the charts, while many of her younger (and in my opinion far less talented peers) sell millions. I can’t believe her older fans have just cast her aside, while the younger generation makes old-age comments or simple asks “who’s Madonna?” For whatever reason, most kids today seem to focus on what’s hot now or “the future of music", instead of learning from and appreciating the past. Growing up, and now getting older I’ve always been immersed in music from long before I was born on through the decades, while still keeping pulse on what’s current. I enjoy today’s music, but I can’t imagine life without experiencing the artists and sounds that have contributed to the way music feels now. I get sad when I hear someone say they only listen to one type of music, just like when I get asked who Madonna is.