Obeying God in a Digital Age

A long time ago, before Facebook was a thing, before cell phones were a thing, back when dial up was “fast internet” — I decided to trust Jesus to be my savior. And wow, what a difference that made!

I grew up in Canada, a very tolerant place, but not a place very open to differences. What I mean is; you can look different, but you cannot be different. At least, not in Ontario. My decision to believe that Jesus was the only way to salvation, while in keeping with all I had been taught as a child, and in keeping with over 400 years of tradition, instantly set me apart from my fellow citizens.

Ever since a young age, I’ve been in the difficult position of trying to fit in, all the while knowing that I will never fully be accepted by those around me. While for many people, that thought is simply an illusion (thankfully, most people really don’t care what you look like or how you dress), for a Bible believing Christian in Canada, it is honest to goodness reality.

I am grateful for those formative experiences. I now live in Texas — a whole world of difference from the place of my origin. I also now work as a software developer, making people’s lives better by crafting code. So, again, I’m in this strange position; While I now don’t have any problem fitting in with general society intellectually,(most people here are “Christians” though they couldn’t quote many Bible verses), I am one of the only programmers in my city.

Over the past year, I have been feeling God say to my spirit, “Start Blogging”. Well, here it is — I’m blogging!

Why does this concern you? Honestly, I’m not sure. But maybe, my many years of having to synthesize two seemingly opposite realities, may be of some assistance to you. I hope in this blog to wrestle with the two seemingly opposite ideas of our time; How, for example, do you maintain faith in a “soul”, while knowing that Deep Neural Nets are able to approximate much of what we thought made us human? How do you cope when the pace of technology robs you of your ability to earn income? What does romance look like in the digital age? These are all thoughts that I face or have faced, and I hope to share my experience with the world. If I’m able to jog anyone’s thinking in a good direction, than this has been well worth my time.

Thanks for reading!