When I was around 20 years old I worked as a porter in a hospital, what I noticed is that many patients I spoke to were in the hospital because they left things too late, many were in there because of bad habits, many were old as expected and other cases which I can’t really comment on. I’m not a medical expert and I haven’t looked at any stats, but this experience put me in good stead for what was to come.

I learned to jump on things very fast before they manifest

I had heart problems from suspected TB but it was never proven, it caused cirrhosis, stress and problems on the other surrounding areas, (kidneys, spleen and gallbladder) the problem is long and complex but what I learnt from that…

There is nothing worse than checking someones contact us page and being unsure to why or what they are expecting you to contact them about, maybe their expectations won't align with yours, maybe you don’t understand their values or even worst maybe you will insult them by wasting their time. Maybe you just assume the person you are contacted isn’t open-minded.

The truth is that most people need ideas, suggestions or guidance, most people do not offer value and they burn out the person they are contacting in the first email. There is nothing worse than someone not contacting you for a few years then asking how you are, then asking for something, I personally find it more honest to just contact someone with what you want first, then ask later how they…

Since we upgraded our house, I wanted to share a few funny things that I have noticed with having a larger house, I am not complaining about my situation lol


Bryan Flowers

I’m a successful business owner and investor. I want to teach people how to become successful, my plan is to write a book.

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