Every Saturday that I am home, I clean my apartment. While this seems pretty mundane, I have turned it into a cleansing ritual that I find to be very mentally and emotionally calming, rather like meditating. As an added bonus, it is a pretty good workout too! I starting by dusting and that includes things that usually get overlooked, like the ceiling fans and tops of picture frames. The repetitive motion involved in dusting tends to be somewhat hypnotic and dusting is a good reminder of the cyclical nature of things. You dust, and a week later it is back, how is that for job security! There are also a couple of very practical reasons that I dust regularly. First, it helps keep my allergies at bay and that alone would be a good reason. The second reason is that it keeps my computer equipment running smoothly. Electronics don’t care for dust. Next I vacuum, which is the most physically demanding chore of all. However, it also tends to provide the most visible evidence that you have cleaned, mainly due to the nice, neat patterns in the carpet. Patterns that will disappear in a day or two due to foot traffic. Impermanence at a visceral level. Last, but most definitely not least, are the bathroom and kitchen. While these serve very, very opposite purposes, both are cleaned using strong chemicals to perform the same purpose, purification. It takes work to achieve this, but it is necessary to insure a healthy living space. Instead of dreading cleaning, if you look at it as a way to relax and purify your heart and mind, it becomes less of a chore and more of a way to relieve stress.