There Has to Be a Better Way to End Rape Culture: It Isn’t At All Like Stealing $5
Anna Hundert

My personal philosophy concerning this topic is this. If a woman is drunk or even in anyway incapable of giving clear consent, it is a no-go. While sex is awesome, it is only awesome when both parties are on the same playing field. I’d rather not have sex than to ever wonder if I took advantage of someone. This is one of the main problems with alcohol, it removes inhibitions and judgement and people don’t make good decisions while drunk, male or female. But as a guy, I will never take advantage of a drunk woman. In fact, one time, I stopped sex with a woman because she passed out. She hadn’t even seemed that drunk, but that is what booze can do. What it boils down to is that you never take advantage of someone who is incapacitated. Be nice and respectful guys, women deserve that.

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