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Projects of commercial opportunities:

Hi guys, Today I will explain a project that has a huge business opportunity. I think this project has a very lucrative prospect compared to some projects currently underway. Okay, the project is Moya Networks, a project for the development of Internet networks in South Africa.

So what to do with Criptovaluta? maybe some of you are thinking this way. I will be clear what Moya’s relationship with Criptovaluta is. Moya will hold the ICO to sell MTK tokens, funds raised by ICO will be used to handle the Moya Networks project and the development of Internet networks in South Africa. Token MTK is Cryptocurrency created by Moya Networks located in Blockchain Ethereum network like Smartcontrac ERC20.

Business Opportunities:

Africa is the third largest continent in the world after Asia and America, the second most populous population after Asia With an area of ​​30,244,050 km “including adjacent islands, Africa accounts for 20.3% of Africa the total surface area of ​​the Earth with 800 million people in 54 countries, this continent hosts a seventh of the world’s population and with that population you can imagine how great the potential for technology, industry and business development, especially in South Africa.

A low growth rate of internet in South Africa compared to other countries leads to slow growth in technology, and companies that show potential for broadband connectivity. In South Africa, cables such as SAT-3 and WAC have so far held positions unmatched market, with 10 to 20 times more expensive data rates than markets outside Africa. Recent market research estimates cost STM-1 for connectivity international life in Africa at 115,000 USD per month. The current market price for satellite access to Africa is between $ 4,000 US and $ 8,000 US / Mbps per month. To correct the current lack of efficiency found in southern Africa, Moya is here to respond to this.

Moya plans to bring transparency to the South African market in an effort to improve Internet access in the region. Moya will use a regulatory license issued by the governments of South Africa and Mozambique to distribute and sell CA’s capacity in South Africa. The main advantage of this agreement is that Moya, without direct investment in ACE cable, purchased $ 640 million with the same ACE membership rights. Moya will link the ACE capability with the Western Cape of South Africa and will distribute it throughout South Africa through its Backhaul network. of Infrared Broadband (BBI).

Moya will offer world-class Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (“SDH”) network and Internet Protocol (“IP”) networking services designed to meet the needs of ISP, international carrier, content, media, large, multinational and government.

What is ACE?

ACE is a Cable Under the Sea submarine in Europe that was installed in 2009 in an attempt to build a 17,000-km submarine cable from Europe to South Africa. In 2012 ACE completed three of the four segments scheduled when connections from France to Sao Tome and Principe began. Since 2012 ACE, led by Orange France, continues to raise funds to complete and build the country’s last four segments with the largest economy in South Africa.

The ACE submarine cable will be fully operational in South Africa at the beginning of 2018. Moya has contractually acquired ACE’s capacity to distribute and sell ACE capabilities in South Africa by members of the ACE consortium. Moya will get Tier 1 capability and, under contractual terms, will resell its capabilities to ISP, Business and Government customers in South Africa.

Profits earned by investors
Each investor holding Moya’s token (MTK) has the right to get 20% of the earnings earned each year.

Target market.

Moya estimates about $ 655 million from the following segments:

  1. 1, 24% Internet service provider ($ 100 million), Moya will develop telecommunications services that can be purchased by ISPs and companies in all neighboring countries.
  2. Government 12% ($ 25 million), state, provincial and local governments are the main consumers of international capacity for accessing the Internet and connecting their widespread offices. Governments usually submit requests for proposals to meet the general data requirements. Moya will have staff members to monitor and respond to dozens of requests for government requests (RFP) every month.
  3. Large companies (banks, etc.) 44% ($ 270 million), South Africa has six large banks with international branches in Africa, Europe and South America. These banks acquire international data capabilities to link their affiliates and financial networks. Generally, the Bank acquires the international data capacity of some submarine cable operators to have a variety of paths and networks. Moya will develop services that meet the Bank’s diversity requirements. SA Large companies.
  4. Pay TV Services Pay TV operators require access to satellite content distribution, underwater capacity, and cable TV operators access homes and businesses.
  5. Telecommunication Services South Africa, South Africa has five countries (Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Lesotho). With the exception of Namibia and Mozambique, the other three countries are unprofitable on the sea and need access to Moya’s basic capacity.
  6. Mozambique Oil and Gas Telecommunication Service According to the Mozambique National Petroleum Institute (INP), about 97 exploration and assessment wells were conducted in Mozambique, with further exploration drilling and exploration planned.
  7. Africa Telecommunication Services, after launching its services, Moya will expand its services across Africa. In 2018 Moya intends to start concentrating its efforts in Nigeria and Ghana.

Moya ICO Network:

Moya will sell MTK tokens (MTK) for 4 weeks to the Cryptocurrency community. The MTK token will be released on the Ethereum platform. Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted to purchase the MTK token.


  • Pre ICO Nov 1 to * 15th * Nov (Discount * 30% *)
  • ICO launch from 15 November to 15 December.
  • Hardcap: max. 2,000.
  • The MTK token will be offered at:

Debt Fund:

The funds will be mainly used to acquire the right of capacity on the African coast to the European submarine cable system (ACE) under the ACE-Moya contracts existing at the closure of the ICO; buy reserve capacity at the West Africa Cable System (WACS); and purchase telecommunication equipment from suitable suppliers; installing equipment on the Moya backhaul network; and for the operations of the Company. The funds will also be used to pay staff during the start-up phase.

The main use of funds is as follows:

  • Buy $ 15,000,000 Underwater Cabling Capability.
  • Network Building Capacity Backhaul $ 5,000,000.
  • Operating costs (personal, marketing, costs, partnerships, etc.) $ 5,000,000.

Token Moya?

The Moya Token (MTK) emission will be used to purchase ACE submarine cable capacities, Earth fiber capacity and Moya operations. Holders of Moya tokens will be entitled to receive 20% of Moya’s earnings on an annual basis.

Sale of token:

  • Start date: 15 Nov 2017 12:00 GMT.
  • End date: December 15, 2017 12:00 GMT.
  • Distribution Limit: 100 Million MTK.
  • Accepted murrencies: BTC, ET.
  • Token exchange rate: 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH = 1.000 MTK.
  • Quantity of chips per person: unlimited.
  • Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH.
  • Maximum Transaction Amount: Unlimited.

Road Maps:


  • Carrington Philips : CEO Carey Head Up The Management Team Moya Drawing on his Extencive.
  • Jason Berry : The Founder, Managing Director, And Chief Engineer Of Citect (Pty).
  • Sibusiso Zindela : Experince Chief Engineer For International Submarine Networks.

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