Bryan Kolstad — Best Golf Courses in New England

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who loves to golf in his free time. He is a native of Portland, Maine, and has traveled throughout New England to experience the area’s best golf courses. His travels over the years have lead him to discover several hidden gems, as well as enjoy some highly rated professional courses. Here are some of Bryan Kolstad’s favorite New England golf courses.
Fox Ridge - located in Auburn, Maine, is one of Kolstad’s favorite underrated courses. The scenery is gorgeous, with picturesque stone walls and bridges, rolling hills, and streams. The play is interesting and can be challenging, but won’t frustrate intermediate or beginner golfers. The course is also very well-maintained, making it a truly pleasurable place to spend the day.

Down the coast in Rehoboth - Massachusetts, just outside of Providence, Rhode Island, Crestwood Country Club offers a beautiful, tree-lined private golf course, perfect for a day with friends or colleagues. The course is appropriate for all skill levels, and has very unique holes that were designed by Geoffrey Cornish in 1959. There are also plenty of amenities to enjoy after your game — there’s a modern pool complex on-site, as well as delicious food in the clubhouse.

Canterbury Woods - located in Canterbury, New Hampshire, is a fun, modern course that utilizes the terrain of rolling hills to create an exciting course. The course also features large, comfortable practice facilities, perfect for beginner golfers.
These are just a few of the many amazing New England golf courses that Bryan Kolstad enjoys.