The Most Important Lesson In Life And Nine More

From the cradle to the grave, there is one life lesson that can empower us to find our significant place on this planet and motivate us to make a difference in our world. This mother of all life lessons should be engraved on our bedposts and embedded in our brains: “We are pulled into this world kicking and screaming, grasping for our first breath. We are carried out of this world in silence. In between, we get to make a life.” In other words, we only get one shot at life, so we have to make it count.

When we understand the depths of this life lesson, we will rise above the masses of mediocrity who settle for mere survival, stop seeking for the life that could have been, and start living the life that should have been. When we learn this life lesson, we realize that to make a life, we need to know who we want to be when we grow up, and what we wake up for every day. Once we have mastered this life lesson, we understand that if we are not living “by purpose” we are living by accident. Those who are conscious of this life lesson passionately pursue their full potential, knowing what they want to do before they are done and where they want to go before they are gone for good.

It doesn’t make sense that during our entire education we are never taught how to really make a life. I believe that if there was a Life 101 course, it would begin by teaching these top ten life lessons:

Life Lesson 1. We only get one shot at life, so we have to make it count.

Life Lesson 2. A life not lived with all of our heart is a life not lived at all.

Life Lesson 3. The unexamined and unintentional life is not worth living.

Life Lesson 4. We were created to be creators and we were designed for destiny.

Life Lesson 5. We are alive to love — loving God, self, and other people.

Life Lesson 6. We are wired for rich relationships, connected community, and collaborative culture.

Life Lesson 7. To make a life, we need a purpose to wake up for every day. We need to try to find the why before we die.

Life Lesson 8. We were created with everything we need to make our life and fulfill our destiny, but it’s our responsibility to discover, develop, and display it to the world.

Life Lesson 9. Passionate pursuit of our full potential leads to the discovery of our identity, ability, and destiny.

Life Lesson 10. We need a firmly formulated financial strategy that enables us to fulfill our life plans that empower us to accomplish our life purpose.

We came into this world without a choice, and we depart from it without a voice. In between we get the chance to use both to make a life and leave a legacy.

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