I think you’ve a good point on workers.
Eric Kennefick Peckham

That new post sounds like it could get some reactions! Happy to proof read if that helps. I’ll definitely read it when you publish. 🤓

Your cycle description sounds plausible. Your post and reply make me wonder about 2 new things -

  1. I wonder if there’s a new lack of empathy for the invisible workforce behind-the-scenes from consumers. I find myself already thinking of deliveries and returns through Amazon like it’s an unfeeling computer on the other side, but you hear about how horrible the experience can be for the humans on the other side of the market selling things (unreasonable customer expectations, lots of returned inventory, prices driven super low…)
  2. Obscuring other services with these magical, one-button app experiences commodities those services. What will the effect be in terms of those companies’ customer service, pricing, and relationship with end consumers? Maybe this is just normal funky stuff with market evolutions, but it seems like it’ll cause some friction in the near future.

I’m just voicing what you prompted me to think about, so don’t feel obliged to respond unless you so desire it. ;) Cheers!