If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Just because you break up your empty rant and boring baseless insults into 5 sections doesn’t make it any less an unfounded boring rant. Of course, it’s also completely devoid of any policy discussion like the reasons why we might like Jill (for some of us this isn’t out first time voting for her) or why Hillary is detestable because of her many bad decisions, screw-ups and lies, including some more recent criminal ones. Yeah, yeah, it’s about us, not you, which doesn’t quite explain away why it’s all shallow broad insults about ego, being uncaring, selfishness, does it? I doubt that anyone is much impressed with the trite talking-point fear-mongering, either we’e seen from every other lightweight who has little else substantive to say. You don’t even have the sense to be embarrassed that you’ve claimed to know so much about a wide variety of people that you actually know nothing about.

And what’s with repeating you’re not trying to convince us or it’s not your job to? Talk about denial. Well, rest easy, it looks like so far below you haven’t convinced anybody.

I suspect that at some level you know how awful Hillary is and the disasters she’ll cause (especially to the third world) since I see you’re so insecure you need to address every comment with yet more so I eagerly await your next shallow angry-man response. Just kidding. I‘ve seen your m.o. I’m pretty sure it’ll be as vapid as the others.

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