Friday Fun Blog 001: An Overview

So I’ve decided to start a blog series with new posts Friday of every week. I’m going to focus mainly on my pet projects, which I’ve been dedicating around ~20 hours to weekly. Right now I’m working on a project called PathFinder.IO. It’s a webgl game that features navigation around a directed graph generated randomly and connected using delaunay triangulation.

Pathfinder is an arcade game where the objective is to cross as many ‘Objective nodes’ as possible before being overcome by enemy AI.

I’m using Pixi.js to render to webGL, and all the logic is performed in JS. Thanks to Pixi, all the tedious bits of GL, such as loading sprites and rendering text, is wrapped into nice little statements such as:

Pixi.Loader.add(texture).load(callback); //load texture
var textHolder = new PIXI.Text();

It’s really nice to have the luxury of focusing on solely the logic while letting pixi handle all the rendering, as the graphics aspect of this game are relatively straight forward and simple. I’m really satisfied with how the graphics have turned out, and it’s going to be fun development it into something professional as I add in more features to the game.

Now to implement objectives, AI, and a scoring system. Till next time.

PathFinder dev.