Community financial institutions are known for their personal service. Tellers know your name. You know theirs. Real relationships form. But what happens when a pandemic breaks out, schools shut down, and we’re all told to shelter at home?

A lone laptop at Spyhouse Coffee in Minneapolis
A lone laptop at Spyhouse Coffee in Minneapolis

Pandemics test the limits of customer service. As visits to the branch dip, the personal service that financial institutions offer inside the branch can no longer remain confined there.

Business Insider expects digital to become the primary channel for a greater number of customers here and abroad due to COVID-19. …

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Just a random picture of me and my brother — perfect for this post (I guess?)

Intercom said it best in one of their recent post:

Where playbook content marketing goes wrong is in trying to market and sell from the get-go. We have to give you, our readers, something of value — our knowledge, insight and experience — before we earn the right to market to you.

This got me thinking about the shenanigans that come with white papers, e-books, industry research, and other pieces of digital content. To access this type of content, companies often require you to give them your personal details: name, email, and sometimes a lot more.

Companies believe that because they put a lot of work into their content that they should get something in return. They’re looking for the classic ROI. That something is the right to market to you. Because you downloaded that white paper, you now get the pleasure of being added to their newsletter, receiving invites to webinars and getting a slew of other marketing offers thrown at you. …

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Don’t get so focused on the features you’re building that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

As a product manager, it’s difficult to think about aspects of your product outside of features. …


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