Building a truly alien alien.

Ok let me give this a shot. this aliens (called Xruyort ) are shape shifting Psychic originally just Psychic they gained shape shifting from self imposed genetic manipulation a few generation ago.

society at first when Xruyort babies are born they have very little since of self and are overpowered by the thought memories and personalities of those around them, they are basically drones unable to resist the urge of the collective. But as they mature they began to be able to tell the difference between themselves and other Xruyort over time they learn how to set up psyic walls to guard there mind and will from the collective. It is at this stage that the Xruyort develop telekinetic abilities and become “adults” this process can take hundreds of years. Because this there society is made up of leading telekinetic elders who run the collective and there drone like children who have not yet learned how to resist there control.

because of there abilies they regard non psychic as animals, however they are not cruel as their abilities make them naturally emphatic with any species they come across, but they can be stuck up and dictatorial in regards to other species and often assume that they should be in charge when working with other species.

Shifting came about many year ago as a result of war with psychic parasites that feed on pain. The Xruyort body was weak and only the elders have telekinetic powers. Their enemies have were there psychic equal and physical superior, so the began to change their DNA in order to close the gap. Once they develop this ability it changed there culture.

In the original culture a Xruyort was born with a gender (male or female) reached sexual matured while still in the child stage without a since of self. There would usually have several children before developing a sense of self. Once a Xruyort begans to start show a sense of self (teenager/ young adult) he is isolated from the rest and take in by the elders who help him developing psychic walls. It was consider taboo for an Xruyort adult/ young adult to take part in any form of reproduction, it would be like if an adult started playing with dolls.

Now because of genetic multiplication there are now born without any sexual or reproductive organs they remain so until the teenager stage were with there since of self they develop there own gender and sexuality. No Xruyort can be consider an adult unless there chose a gender as it is consider part of forming a since of self. (this dose not mean that they can’t change gender for a time if the need arises)

In this new system almost all reproduction is done by the adults and young adults not the children, the children only reproduce when order to be the collective in which cause the collective will assign a temporary gender to the child (take note these children would be in there 50s at least and way past physical matured).

War: Until the encounter with the psychic parasites the Xruyort have never fought a war, they did have collects with other spices but were one side because of the Xruyort strong psychic abilities, and because none psychic are animals Xruyort do not consider such things as war. Xruyort are mostly peaceful however when attacked they respond with extreme violence.

language: originally incapable of speech they have learned to adopt language when interacting with animals (none psychic).

Shape shifting: as a result of there genetic manipulation they can convert the things they eat into new mass instead of calories allowing them to “gain mass” over time and therefor shift into bigger animals. They can also cannibalize part of themselves by converting mass in to calories there by become smaller if need.

wow that turned out longer they I thought, anything I missed? What do you think of may aliens? comment below and let me know.

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