Andela Bootcamp is not just about technical skills, it’s a holistic approach that covers mindset — we had a very interesting and informative session on this by Cliff on the first day of Bootcamp -, professional writing — I’m writing this aren’t I? -, and social aspect. The social element is a huge part of Andela as an organization. This is evident in their core values, E.P.I.C. C for collaboration, how well do you play with others. It’s in line with this that every Bootcamp is conducted in teams, that and maybe the fact that due to the high standards of qualification for one to be an Andela fellow, there are more Andela-fellow-hopefuls than there are Andela-Fellows. So, on Monday of the first week of Bootcamp, I and my fellow boot campers got to meet our teams. Enter Alpha team.

Collaboration spirit nurtured and fostered at Andela.

Comprised of seven eager and knowledgeable boot campers and an intelligent Learning Facilitator Assistant, this is by far the best team. Of course, I might be biased since I’m a member, but biases aside, this is a delicate mix of different personalities and great people that together make this group awesome.

Lively, social and smart, that’s Diana for you. I knew of Diana, back during the pre-Bootcamp workshops, I think everyone who was on the pre-Bootcamp workshops channel knew of her. She is very eager to help whenever she can. On the first day of bootcamp, she made sure to inform the whole team that she would be available to help at any time of day or night, just feel free to reach out, if that’s not mother Teressa incarnate, I don’t know who is. In my quest to implement Object Oriented Programming approach on my project, her input by sharing materials and giving pointers was priceless.

Bold, chatty and very knowledgeable. That’s Barno. A unique name, the only person I have met with such a name. A computer science student from Kenyatta University, a similarity that we share, Barno is the kind of guy that makes any group interesting. From his witty and mostly funny remarks to his insightful and well thought out questions. I had an issue with the implementation of JWT for authentication, Barno has been one of my resources in this regard. He is very knowledgeable since he was able to help me with a blocker that had been bugging me for a while.

Quiet, polite and humble. That’s Michael for you. He is a quiet guy who behind the seemingly timid and reserved exterior lies a vast resource of knowledge. During the last few days, Michael has contributed the most to any blockers sent in by the rest of the team members. In particular, when I had an issue with some of the conditional statements in my project, he took the time to go through my code to find out why it was failing.

Every good team has a good leader. Enter Jeff, a very calm and vastly knowledgeable guy. His calm relaxed approach to things is really amazing, especially given the level of nerves that most boot campers, if not all, had. His approach to facilitation is more like a moderator or a guide, letting us choose a direction and him pointing out the potential pitfalls and how to get around them. On the first day of bootcamp, he explained in a clear way, why I needed to use token for authentication instead of sessions, this kind of clear communication and good understanding of the technology field is what I have always thought an Andela fellow would have to be, seems I was not wrong.

That’s just the tip of the ice berg on what and who Alpha team are, but rest assure, we mean business and intend to make it all the way.