Moving Forward.

What is humanity? 95% of all the people you ask today would give you the basic definition of the word as per the dictionary. And that’s the sad thing about the world today.

It seems from my perspective that we’ve gone and thrown humanity out of the window and disregarded the fact that we are 7 billion humans on a planet in an incredibly unbelievably stupidly large universe. We are alone here, isn’t it better to start taking care of each other instead of spending time playing with politics and going to wars and killing in the name of ideas written by people who are dead and have become obsolete a very, very long time ago?

I understand what I am saying, I understand the complexity of the world today. Nothing is ever simple. People who share opinions of such nature like me have our head up in the clouds. But that being said, we make a strong point when we say that the world needs to step back a bit and see things from a different perspective. To analyze the real problems, the world is dying, its people and their minds are deteriorating and wasting away. Why are we regressing so much these past few years that all we talk about now is which color of skin offends us the most and what terrible things we should do to other people who we think deserve terrible things?

Why are we having all these horrible ideas and thoughts? The notion of so many minds being so voluntarily squandered and distracted by things that are not worth our time is intolerable.

The elites and allow their greed to fester like a disease, capitalizing on the more needy. It’s never the fault of only one side, most of the needy often languish and spend time procrastinating or complaining than actually doing something honest about it. Resulting in contagious negativity that results in badmouthing and blaming society for something unfair when they have never even tried lifting themselves up.

The needy should start believing in this world because this world is all they have got instead of expecting to wake up the next day in wonderland. The elites should start developing strategies to help the world, GOALS that can be accomplished by hard work combined with a belief in a better world, not just empty messages sent out via pointless press conferences and confined in the comforts of interview rooms.

Imagine a society where we have a combined intellectual and willfully driven mass that is focused on a common objective, to start moving forward. What if we woke up one day, politicians, the wealthy and the needy and people from all walks of life, all of us wake up with a common purpose, ‘no matter what, we must keep moving forward to do better’. Imagine this, moving to take care of this world and to educate our children about community and strong moral values.

But I admit sadly, its the idea which drive people and we cannot change the mindsets of the most stubborn creatures in the world. This article of mine speaks of a far-fetched, damn near impossible future (Potentially my lack of insight into how the world really is as well). When we are stubborn for the right reason, we generally take a turn and create amazing things. However, when we are stubborn for the wrong reason, we generally screw things up.

I’d like to think I am stubborn for the right reasons, however naive my ideas are. I want to make a difference, whether in writing or in doing something as mundane as talking to another person about my beliefs. Ideas CAN spread, ideas CAN change people.

The preacher should practice what he preaches. I am going to try my best to practice the things I have said, I know that for the world to change, the individual must first change himself. I’m not perfect, I’m not anywhere near how I want to be. But just like the rest of you should, I sure as hell try.

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