Bryan Nazor on How Virtual Tours may Replace the Real Estate Open House?

iCrowd Newswire — May 5, 2020

Chestnut Ridge, NY/ IcrowdNewswire /May 5,, 2020

Aside from his extensive career as a corporate lawyer, Bryan Nazor ‘s expertise in residential & commercial real estate closings has allowed him to have unique insight on the pressures or opening your property to the general public. Potential buyers and even those who are attending out of curiosity have a tendency to touch, disturb, and move things. In a Coronavirus world, open houses may need to go viral.

Bryan Nazor also sees the positive benefits of a physical open house. When prospective homebuyers can see first-hand what your home has to offer, you get the benefit of making an emotional connection. But, as times have quickly changed to a focus on social distancing and ‘not touching’ , a virtual tour of your real estate property is the next best option.

Bryan Nazor on Virtual Open Houses

Coronavirus fears has caused may homeowners and real estate brokers to cancel open house events across the country. This is especially true when children or those with underlying health problems also live in the home. But, Bryan Nazor doesn’t see this as a reason to take your home off the market. Like all other industries, the real estate sector must make adjustments and implement the good use of technology to maintain at least a minimum of real estate closings.

A virtual house tour allows interested buyers to get a sense of the property by viewing all aspects of the interior and exterior on a computer or mobile device. The best technology uses virtual reality to stage your home and create stunning, panoramic tours of your home in 3D. Bryan Nazor sees these tours as the next best thing to a physical walk-through and can even offer an enhanced experience when incorporating technical information, background music, and making an emotional connection.

The Benefit of Virtual Real Estate Tours

Aside from the obvious benefit of eliminating the up-close and personal contact with streams of individuals who may not even seriously consider your property, Bryan Nazor feels a virtual real estate tour has many benefits. When using 3D, virtual reality, the visitor is in control of moving virtually throughout the home. Bryan Nazor realizes the benefit of these 3D walk-throughs that allow each visitor to concentrate on those interior areas that are important to them.

But, even a homebuyer who posts a video recording of them walking through the home will benefit from keeping their home on the market and increased visibility. These pre-recorded tours show the interior and landscaping of the home from different angles and allows the homeowner to highlight those areas that offer the most value and quality to prospective buyers.

A virtual tour also allows you to showcase your neighborhood , offering an all-inclusive look into the community and lifestyle. What you may want to avoid is taking a pessimistic view of the housing market during this pandemic. Many people who were already positioned to buy a new home may see this as a great time to get a great deal. If you’re able to be flexible on a purchase price, Bryan Nazor feels you may find a virtual real estate tour to be the answer.

Originally published at on May 5, 2020.



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Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University. and received a Law Degree with Distinction from New York University Law School.