Below is an infographic describing the demographics of Canadians using a smartphone. The data is collected from a Pew Global Research study released on February 22, 2016. The study looked at smartphone ownership and Internet usage around the world. For the infographic, I look at the numbers in Canada.

They sampled 1,004 residents in Canada between May 4–15, 2015. For the education statistics, less education means secondary level or below and more education means postsecondary and above. For the income statistics, it is based if the household income is below or above the approximate country median (for Canada, 45, 489).

For the smartphone brand statistics, it was derived from a survey conducted by Catalyst and GroupM regarding smartphone adoption and usage in Canada. It was published on March 2015. I chose iPhone and Samsung because they dominate the Canadian market. Out of all the other brands, I picked Blackberry because of its a Canadian company. It’s is in third place however the gap between second and third is wide.

For the map which was derived from the Pew Research survey, it shows the percentages of each country (The infographic is interactive click here. In the interactive map, you can hover on a country to show the percentage people using smartphones in the country.) They had a total of 45,435 respondent in 40 countries (I didn’t input all of the countries surveyed. I only chose the important countries for comparison on how Canadians are compared to the rest of the world. So, not all countries shaded in black does not mean no data was collected.)