It’s not often that you see a career 40% three-point shooter struggle so mightily after a career best season. Alas, Danny Green shot an abysmal 29% on threes during the finals, a stat that includes a missed potential series winner in Game 5. Let’s take a look at the tape to see what did and didn’t work for Green.

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Back in July of 2019, less than thirty minutes removed from the aftermath of the Kawhi Leonard-Paul George teamup, the Los Angeles Lakers shopped around for a potential veteran 3 and D player who could space the floor around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Fresh off a career high season in which he shot nearly 46% from three, Danny Green promptly signed with the Lakers on a two-year, $30 million deal per Adrian Wojnarowski and arguably became the last quality free agent off the board that year. …

The Boston Celtics find themselves in a 0–2 hole after failing to close out both games of the Eastern Conference Finals. With Gordon Hayward being listed as active for Game 3, many believe that the Celtics could finally have their answer against the Heat. Here’s why that might not be the case:

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Gordon Hayward has been sidelined with a Grade 3 sprain since the First Round | Credit: David Sherman/NBAE

Throughout the course of the regular season, the Miami Heat were the league’s leading zone team by far, utilizing the alternative defensive scheme 11.6 percent of the time. During the conference semifinals, the Celtics were matched up against Nick Nurse’s Toronto Raptors, who pushed Boston to seven games by employing a flurry of effective zone schemes. …

After Houston’s second straight conference semifinals elimination and its third in four years, it’s clear that something just isn’t working for the Rockets.

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The Rockets were eliminated 4–1 by the Lakers | AP PHOTO/MARK J. TERRILL

On Sunday afternoon, per Adrian Wojnarowski, coach Mike D’Antoni signalled his departure from the franchise after an unforseen yet anticlimactic four years as head coach of the Rockets.

D’Antoni’s Rocket’s went 217–102 in four years

Thanks to GM Daryl Morey’s analytics driven philosophy, the Rockets constructed teams that completely tipped the scales of basketball, experimenting with lesser known playstyles and placing them at the forefront of their offense.

As the league began its three-point paradigm shift, the Rockets led the pack, attempting more threes than any other team over D’Antoni’s four year tenure. The Rockets “no midrange or bust” system reached never before seen extremes, with this season being no exception. This year, Morey planted the seeds of his “no big men” approach, which took small ball to another level. Houston traded away Clint Capela, opting for P.J. …

On Monday night, the Boston Celtics will be facing off against the red-hot Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. While it’s a series without the defending champions or the league’s number one seed, don’t expect any of these teams to go down without another classic playoff battle.

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How did we get here?

The Celtics are coming fresh off a slugfest of a series against the Toronto Raptors which saw multiple games come down to the wire. In the most entertaining contest of the playoffs yet, with all due respect to Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell, fans witnessed Marcus Smart unleash his inner Stephen Curry, numerous end-of-quarter buzzer beaters (including OG Anunoby’s series saving, game-winning buzzer beating three), and a tactical seven game coaching battle between Coach of the Year Nick Nurse and Brad Stevens. In all seven games, the Raptors forced turnovers and cooled down the Celtics with a flurry of aggressive zone defenses, but Boston responded by slowing down Toronto’s transition offense and ball movement. …


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