My name is Bryan Piti, founder and CEO of Biogen Diesel Kenya Ltd. BDK is Nairobi’s first used cooking oil disposal Company

Operational for the last 2years we have been focused on adding value to used cooking oil transforming it into Biodiesel and Crude glycerine

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and hosts close to 500 restaurants with standards and quality procedures on the food they process. The city is growing and business is increasing with people coming into the city from all areas in Kenya daily. With this influx of people traffic, the food service industry is ever growing and as BDK we found a problem in the food industry where used cooking oil was often poured down the drain leading to clogging sewers and floods within the city

We have recently carried out a hypothesis test challenged by John Sechrest John Sechrest and Adam Berk adamberk which read as follows

“We believe that 15 out of 30 restaurants will sign a partnership agreement to provide used cooking oil for pickup and recycling by June 2nd”

We carried out phone interviews and recorded them to determine a pattern so as to close in those restaurants as customers in the fastest way possible. We interviewed CEO's and Hotel Managers, mostly to the top management so as to obtain a quick response by collecting their used cooking oil for the next 3 years

Our questions were structured as shown below

1. Introduce myself and the company I am representing

2. Tell him what our company does through collection and safely disposing used cooking Oil

3. Drive proposition to partner with his/her restaurant so as to safely dispose their used cooking Oil and waste food for free.

4. If Yes he goes ahead to receive an on boarding package pending scheduling

4. Our trucks will collect the Oil from his restaurant once the containers we will supplied to store the used cooking oil are filled

5. Are they willing to partner with us?

Through the first 15 phone calls a pattern began to emerge that most hotels:

  1. Discarded used cooking oils down the drain
  2. Had used cooking Oil that was being sold off to a buyer who they were not aware what they did with the used cooking Oil
  3. All hotels apart from 2 were not aware of the legislative act that requires them to have to safely dispose used cooking Oil and obtain certification from an accredited body.

Following our approach to these hotels we were required to carry out a follow up meeting and hand hold them into partnership and sign up. We anticipate having 2–3 of such meetings before conclusively coming to a partnership agreement with signed documents. The restaurants had the following asks to us:

  1. How much capacity can we handle?(1/30)
  2. Are we licensed by the National Environmental Management Authority as a certified Used Cooking Oil Collector? (5/30)
  3. Who are we working with currently? (2/30)
  4. How much money can we give for all the waste they produce?(12/30)

We anticipate growing on referrals from our customer base and building a success story with a client who runs a franchise of 45 chain restaurants producing at least 5000 L of used cooking Oil per month. We are looking to develop a marketing strategy that will see us share their story on how to properly manage used cooking Oil.

Our business, has an educational perspective to it by changing the status quo and breaking traditions which our team is determined to deliver and create transformation