Do You Ask For Story-Level Estimates?
John Cutler

I’d be curious about the culture — how sensitive are they to costs and how focused are they on efficiencies? If they’re big on those things AND they actually take the time to reflect on the sprint and the accuracy of the estimates, then I can see a case for story-level estimates.

Otherwise, I’m not so sure story-level estimates are required. It’s unclear why you’d need them if you have the “epics” estimated, broken down into stories themselves, and have thought about the nuance and complexities with each story.

I think there’s a good opportunity to have an authentic conversation with the team about trade offs to scope the product in a way to start delivering value ASAP, rather than having meetings haggling over points.

I’ve also assumed that in the premise you outlined that the following conditions are met:

  • this product/feature fits with our strategy and vision
  • we’re thinking long-term about this product/feature
  • we’re building it with the future in mind

Thanks for the interesting thought experiment!

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