Can you clarify?
Daniel DeMarco

My thinking is that for all of our evolution we have been subject to the natural law of survival of the fittest but this has been suspended for the last 60 years or so and is making the modern generation more susceptible to it’s harsh laws, what happens when we can no longer fund the ongoing fight, it’s made our western world a wonderful place to live but the cost will be on the future generations, who will be more likely to succumb than those living under the rule of only those best adapted survive.

I believe the ones who will evolve are the ones facing it’s dangers the longest and therefore the people who are already having to cope with it’s hardships in the form of new diseases and higher temperatures while we lounge around in our air conditioned homes it’s making us soft, not that I’m knocking it I probably wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for modern medicine, at 80 I’m past my sell-by date.

I liked the article by the way.

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