It’s Time to Build Health Into The OS: Part I
Steve Downs

Wonderful piece, Steve. Two thoughts:

First, we (as a society) value convenience and a lowering of expense (on a unit basis) over just about anything else. My biggest question is whether these values are in direct conflict with the health values you describe, or if we can establish a new set of habits across populations while still striving for low-cost convenience. In other words, is there a way to fundamentally make things better without making them harder (or more expensive)?

Second, you’re completely right to focus on building health values “into the OS.” But by focusing on products and services (as you say you will be in part 3), you’re still looking at the application layer. If we really want to change defaults and hard-to-break habits, I would argue that the fundamental nature of modern society has to change. And I’m not sure this can come from anywhere other than the people and organizations who design the systems we exist in. Perhaps this calls for a part four addressing how governance can adjust to design the framework for our existence in a better way?

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