9 Changes That Would Improve Pokémon Go
Brian Troyer

Hey Brian great article man, I agree with a lot of these suggestions. Im just happy Pokemon GO is so popular now in general. It is crazy how successful this game has become! Im happy for Nintendo and all the Pokemon Go players and think everyone should ignore the haters about this game. This has had a major influence on everyone transcending race, age, and culture and a pleasant distraction from some of the horror taking place in the world todayIm just happy my old Pokemon Games are actually worth something now thanks to the success of Pokemon Go, Ive been playing for awhile now and Im on level 12 and its mad fun. Ive also been making money selling my old Gameboy games and N64 Pokemon games because theyre hot right now. Theres a bunch of places you can do it, but I would recommend a price comparison site because you get a bunch of offers and can pick the best one. I usually just use Bonavendi because its easy and you can scan games with your phone, but its not the only one there are a few good ones out there. Ill put a link if anyone is interested in doing the same: https://www.bonavendi.com/sell/l/Pokemongameboy.html

Anyway I really like this game and the article, I actually found some things out I didnt realize before and read the entire thing which is really rare for me haha. Dont let people bring you down Pokemon Go is awesome, go and catch em all!