“For everyone who enters God’s rest, ALSO rests from their work, just as God did from His. Let us therefore, make every effort to enter that rest.”
-Hebrews 4:10

Rest… what a concept. Does our world even know what that means anymore? I know my grandma and grandpa know how to “rest”, but hey, they’re retired so obviously they can rest.

Me? Nahh…there can’t be time within my day for rest. That is just foolishness.

Wait a minute Rachel, let’s think about this for a second. Freshman year of college, you were hit by a car while biking, had to leave school, and suffered through the worst time of your life…. But was it the worst? Or was it the best? Sure, it may have appeared sucky from the outside, a traumatic brain injury is not ideal, but the lessons God taught me in that time couldn’t have been found in my chaotic, busy days prior to the accident. I spent so much of my timing talking with anyone and everyone that I never truly sat down, in God’s presence, to let him fill me with his peace.

Today is April 13th, 2016. It has been 4 years and 5 months since I was hit by that car. 4 years and 5 months since God began to teach me the most valuable life lesson I have learned thus far: TO SLOW DOWN. Yeah, I’ve heard it before.. way too many times, but I never understood it until this accident. It is kind of comical how the only way I can learn how to rest is if my hyperactive body is physically injured.

However, now I know. I know I need to take breaks. I know it is important to find silence in the business of life. I know God is just waiting for us to sit down and take a big fat chill pill. I know that if I do not rest, my brain will force me into it by slowly shutting down my word configurations, my energy, my ability to be around people, and my ability to read words without pain. I know the importance of being still, the importance of reflection, and the importance of rest.

It is no coincidence that when I take the time to stop and listen to God, to find His peace, all the pain in my head is relieved. No, God isn’t forcing me into pain, nor is He punishing me. However, I recognize the valuable lesson He is teaching me.

Take a step back, choose a smile instead of sorrow, help a friend instead of sulking, and do not let the difficulties of the present moment, overshadow the reality of God’s promise.

“To enter His rest, you must believe that God has this relationship in mind for you; you must stop trying to create it; you must trust in Christ for it; and you must determine to obey Him. Today, is the best time to find peace with God. Tomorrow may be too late.”
-Hebrews 4:6,7 notes in NIV application bible.

Take some rest