Your dreams are stupid

Well they are, or at least they should be. “My dreams aren’t stupid Bryant, your stupid.” First off it’s you’re, get it right, and secondly if your dreams aren’t stupid then you are doing something wrong. You might think you are doing something right but you are so wrong.

What is a dream? A fantasy? Wish? Hope? Goal? Desire? Yes it is all of those things, but you cannot just limit a dream to one of those things. Webster says a dream is a strongly desired goal. Not just a desire but a desire of a goal. “But why is my dream stupid?” I am not saying your dream is stupid in the sense that I think you are stupid for dreaming such a thing. Like wanting to one day have enough money to be happy. That is legitimately stupid and nobody cares. What I am actually saying is rather your dream SHOULD be stupid. It should be outlandish and silly and crazy and childish and borderline impossible, but that is exactly why you should be dreaming it!

Your dream should be guided by your gifts and talents not by what the world says you are good at. Your dream should be something you aspire to be not something you aspire to have. “I want to be the president one day,” “I want to create technology to help the elderly get up and down stairs.” “I want to bring clean water to those who do not have access to any.” Those are all great dreams. Not “I want enough money to have a Lamborghini and a mansion in the sky and have 100 girlfriends and have a talking robot that makes me sandwiches, oh and I also want to drink those really expensive juices so I can look good for when I look at myself in the mirror…” When dreaming up your dream you should not have the feeling of entitlement of achieving that dream, like “I should be the president because I worked hard and do politics and things.” Yeah but you’re not entitled. You cannot say “good enough.” Because good enough is not good enough when there is room to be great. You don’t achieve your dream until you achieve your dream. And even then you keep on dreaming.

Why is your dream stupid? Because you are smart enough to not dream up some logical thing that you can achieve without giving your best effort. Your dream is stupid because you know it is outside your comfort zone, you know that your 100% best effort will not get you there. That’s why the saying 110% exists, when you don’t think you can give anymore, when you think you are spent and that’s it, keep going and then you will see greatness. You will see your dream. Your stupid dream is now your life. So go live it.

So go ahead, dream a stupid dream and wear your “I’m with stupid” shirt, because I’ll be standing right next to you.