7 Tips for Finding Energy During the Day.

Being a remote team, much of the energy we bring to each day needs to be cultivated individually. Contrary to what some might believe, remote work isn’t all about the ability to fall out of bed in the morning, stumbling into the home office 5 minutes later.

Being accountable for the energy you bring to your day requires recognizing the routines and rituals which work for you, in order to make your day happy and productive.

While being able to avoid commuting times and not needing to hustle out the door are certainly perks, I’ve always enjoyed the flexibility remote work provides because it lets me optimize my day and my energy, the best way I see fit.

Each person is unique, and these traits will certainly not apply to everyone, but here are 7 things I’ve found crucial for me finding and maintaining energy during the day.

1. Workout in the morning.

Get the blood flowing and metabolism cranking before you come into the office. It feels great to hit the ground running when you start working, not needing extra time to wake up, before you’re productive. On top of that, hey look, you already exercised today! If all else fails, at least you hit that accomplishment!

2. Get dressed and look the part.

Look good feel good. My wife gives me shit for contemplating about what I want to wear for my day, when it consists of me and our dog in my home office. If she only knew I sometimes change outfits midday because the first one didn’t feel right…

3. Use a standing desk.

I purchased a StandDesk a little over a year ago — HUGE win. I hear standing better for you physically, but the amount of focus I’ve found it adds to what I’m doing is the biggest benefit. I find I’ll sit down when I’m taking a break or eating lunch, and put it back up again when I want to be productive. It’s a nice way to physically get in the zone.

4. Change locations when necessary.

If I’m writing proposals, I’ll go to a coffee shop. If I’m writing code, I’ll be in my home office. We perform certain tasks better in different environments, know what yours are, and don’t be shy to mix things up.

5. Understand what you consume and how it effects you.

In the morning I like to have a hearty and healthy breakfast. Usually eggs and sausage. Maybe a cup or two of coffee, but never too much. I want to quiet the hunger but not feel full. Sightly caffeinated but never wired.

6. Be appreciative and excited to live another day.

Each morning I make it a point to say, “Today is a great day to be alive,” listing a few things I’m really excited about in my life. Occasionally it’s hard to find those things, but even when you’re down, it’s a great reminder of the things we are fortunate to have in our lives, making our daily grind worthwhile.

7. Take a break and go for a run.

We can get so worked up over the smallest details of anything. Oh my god, the client just sent over design feedback they already gave us approval on, and this is definitely going to have consequences when we’re moving into development. I can’t believe… Shut up. It doesn’t matter. Go for a run, clear your head, and realize how small this little hiccup is in the context of your life. Come back with a clearer head and productive way to solve the problem.

I’m always curious about other people’s routines and habits which help them find energy for their day. Are there any in particular that you find useful? Ping me on twitter and let me know.

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