How you run is how you do everything

A few thoughts I had, coincidentally enough, while running.

70% of the time I’m focused a few steps ahead. Conscious enough to dodge obstacles a strides length away; more importantly, working through larger — more grandiose — challenges, beyond the immediacy of the path.

20% of the time my glance moves upward, surveying the environment and being appreciative of the beauty within the run. During this time, the infuriating nuances of the daily grind seem so small and petty. Cares fade away and a smile emerges, finding solitude surveying the world I’m passing.

10% of the time I’m looking backward, a quick check if the guy I passed is sneaking back up. At times brining my pace to a halt, deciding on a new course in search of something better.

Unlike some, I find pleasure running in the heat. Humid and upper 90s is preferred. It’s challenging, both physically and mentally, giving me the impression of building strength on both fronts.

I occasionally question the reason I run, feeling slighted because it’s never for a race or attainable goal. For me, it’s part exercise and part meditation, meaningless outside of self-interest. It makes me wonder if the effort is exerted in vain, potentially having another outlet it could be used more purposefully.

Then it ends. Usually in a sprint to empty the tanks, quickly unlacing my shoes and hoping into the shower. Back to reality.