* You can charge people every time you give them an advice?

* You can Get pay for having the best profile picture on Facebook for a week or month basis like (Employee of the month method).

* You can get a pay for having the best stories on Snapchat.

* You can get a pay for best photo capture on an iPhone 6.

* You can get a pay for every 100 likes on a post or picture you upload on Facebook or Instagram.

* Someone creates an App that allows you to see who is literally checking your Facebook page and how long they were in it for.

* Someone creates an App that when you say “ fuck you Steve and your post” Facebook will automatically unfollow “steve”.

* They finally create the Middle finger Emoji, how would you use it?

* If Snapchat has a music installment where you can record you music and cut it to where you want it to start and end.

* If Snapchat has more than 7 seconds to record with more filters

* if you use the App “PicsArt” to edit a picture and share it On social media and get pay for your creativity

* If I tell you I’m your biological father?

* If I tell you 2015 is the year more Millenial’s will become rich?

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