Fasting: The Hidden Key to Success

Fasting is the most natural and effective way for you to cleanse the body and mind, but most importantly (in this context) it is the most effective way for us to regain control of ourselves. By fasting, I do not mean making sad attempts to distance yourself from your social media platforms. Fasting is making a conscious choice to abstain from all or certain types of foods and/or liquids. It is nature’s oldest, most effective method of rebuilding the body’s own healing powers and strengthening the mind’s ability to be disciplined. Like muscles, self-control increases when you exercise it. If you do not exercise it, then it deteriorates and emotions will lead your decision-making. Nothing builds self-control like fasting.

As a human being you must eat and nourish the body in order to survive, but there is an emotional attachment affiliated with eating that often leads to over indulgence. Unfortunately, in the U.S., gluttony has become socially acceptable and a major part of our “consumption culture”. We tend to over indulge in food and content. Aside from the endless amount of creative advertisements that feed our desires, we are always plugged into a digital world of infinite information. We consciously and unconsciously consume hordes of data from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep. Considering that our brains have a limited capacity, this influx of stimuli creates noise that prevents us from being able to concentrate. No concentration, no discipline. Food is no longer valued for its nutritional offering but more often than not it is valued for the level of satisfaction it brings the taste buds, and ultimately the drug-like effect it has on our brain. This type of culture is a breeding ground for distraction and a lack of self-control. Needless to say, people are more distracted and addicted now than ever.

Without the ability to control ourselves we cannot be disciplined. If we are not disciplined, then we cannot achieve sustainable success in our endeavors. If you have ever studied any of the popular self-help gurus, from Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins, you will come across the necessity of discipline for success. It is in fact the ingredient that separates the great from average; the consistent from the inconsistent.

Fasting is by far the most sophisticated self-control workout available. If you get good at fasting, you can learn to control every other aspect of your life. Fasting empowers you to overcome any addiction, no matter how deeply imbedded. Medically, fasting has been found to rapidly dissipate the craving for nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs. Most Americans have been programmed, by family, friends, society, etc. to eat 3 meals a day. This has created an emotional pattern that is fundamental to your habitual life. Denying your body this craving detaches you from your emotional dependence on food. Thus, giving you the powerful experience of exerting control over your actions in the midst of strong emotional desires.

While fasting increases your ability to be disciplined, it’s health benefits make it even more of an attractive practice to implement in your life. Case studies conducted by natural hygiene practitioners prove that the more you fast, the more centered you become, the better you heal, the higher your intellectual activity, and the younger you appear. When you are cleaned and tuned up through fasting, you will experience a continuous flow of vibrant health, electric energy, and mental strength. During fasts, I have personally experienced that my concentration improved, depression lifted, anxieties faded, and I could appreciate the natural joys of life. Fasting will enable you to perform at levels you never thought possible. You will feel amazingly calm and your consciousness will glow as ideas flow through you exactly when you need them.

Without getting deep into scientific jargon, I’ll illustrate what happens to the body during fasting. The digestive system requires a significant amount of energy to process food, especially 3 meals a day. When you abstain from eating, that energy is reallocated in other parts of the body. Cells begin to rebuild, the immune system strengthens, your senses are sharpened, and your cognitive abilities increase. Beyond that you experience a level of clarity and spiritual rejuvenation that is unparalleled.

On the third day of fasting, when the body has shifted over to ketosis as a primary source of fuel, the brain begins to have enough fuel but it is a different fuel. Ketosis describes a condition where fat stores are broken down to produce energy, which also produces ketones, a type of acid. When in full ketosis, the mind simply works somewhat differently. Thinking can be just as acute, but it tends to be slower, more reflective, more studied and deeper, and — aside from thoughts of food or ending the fast — more inclined to dwell on future plans.

Some researchers’ findings indicate that ketone bodies may actually be the body’s preferred fuel. Studies have shown that they stimulate the heart, adrenal cortex, skeletal musculature, and the brain to better functioning than glucose. The brain’s periodic utilization of this alternative fuel during periods of food shortages (or fasting) also seems to have long-term beneficial effects on the brain and central nervous system function. Electroencephalograph (EEG) data and endocrine testing generally show significant improvements after both juice fasting and water fasting.

One must be very careful when fasting, especially now. We have become so overloaded with toxins due to the things we eat and breathe that a long fast could be dangerous because it stirs up and releases these toxins into the body rapidly, causing our condition to be worsened initially. There are health conditions that do not respond well to fasting, for instance a fast is not recommended for a diabetic that has been taking insulin for 2 years or more. Those taking medication or recreational drugs also should not fast until they have completely detoxified their bodies and stopped the intake of all chemicals. Otherwise fasting may cause too much poison to flow out the lymph fluid into the blood too quickly. So, if you don’t have any health conditions that would prevent you from fasting, start light with a 4 day apple fast, then at most you could potentially encounter detox headaches.

You will face challenges and temptation as you detoxify the body and the mind through fasting. Negative thoughts will rush to the forefront of your mind and you will have to endure beyond them. As you continue in your fast, you will grow stronger in resisting your emotions and addictions. Fasting is an essential part of my life, and those whom I have consulted over the years. I have experienced and witnessed extraordinary transformations in behavioral patterns thanks to this ancient practice. It truly empowers you to regain control of yourself, and rid your mind and body of all that is toxic. Consequently, making you physically and mentally prepared to silence distractions and lock into more progressive habits that lead to success.