My Tips for Getting a Good 17HMR Scope

I’ve been in the market for a new scope for my 17 Hornaday magnum rimfire rifle for a while and thought I’d put together a few thoughts about what to look for when getting one. But first things first …

The .17HMR, was first developed by Hornady in 2002 and it is very similar to the .22 Magnum.

It is more expensive than the .22 Magnum and it is louder and far more destructive. Nonetheless, the advantage of getting a .17 HMR is that it works faster, its trajectory is flatter and there is a lower chance of ricochet.

If you decide to get a 17 HMR you must also purchase a scope, such as a holographic sight. You must get one that suits your needs and that will work perfectly on your rifle. That is why you should keep some things in mind when buying.

First of all you have to know that there are many options available on the market — including red dot sights or rimfire ultralight rifle sights from Leupold.

So the choice can be hard to make. But nothing is impossible with a little help. Search among all the models and brands for the best scope.

All you need is a little guidance regarding the selection of a 17hmr scope. With wide variety available all over the marketplace, the selection could be a tough one.

You must take a look at the prices before purchasing your scope. You don’t want to buy the cheapest one. Search only for high quality scopes that will suit you and your rifle.

Select modern scopes, packed with the latest technology because these are the most reliable ones. So, opt for updated models for a better shooting experience.

Although years ago people avoided variable scopes because of their poor quality, times have changed. Now, variable scopes are good choices when it comes to .17 hmr scopes. These scopes are not affected by fog anymore and they are not expensive at all.

Another scope that really suits a .17hmr is the compact scope. This is a common type of scope, easy to use.

The scope has many great features appreciated by all users. It provides close focus, a good accuracy of the target reinforced by the reticle.

If you want to get a clear view of your target, consider the magnification of the scope you are buying.

You must opt for a scope with a more powerful magnification and a bigger diameter of the lenses. This will enable you to catch a better look at the target you are aiming at.

Also consider that a good scope for your .17 hmr has larger front lens. With this feature, more light gets to your eyes. Don’t forget about this when buying your device.

As you can see, selecting a good scope has become a real science and many facts should be considered before purchasing. Chose one of the scopes presented above or another one recommended by specialists in the field.

The aforementioned information will aid you towards your purchase of the 17hmr scope.

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