Concrete Is The Worst!!! …. Is It Really?

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Concrete has been seen as a building material that is simply bad for the environment. Fun fact: Concrete is the most used and produced building material in the construction industry. It has come to my attention that individuals think concrete is a material that is terrible in terms of our environmental water supply and air quality. I am here to demonstrate how concrete is being used in a thoughtful, and eco friendly way. Many of the techniques that are going to be demonstrated are being used in our communities and campuses like CSU, Chico today. You will be shocked to find out how the positives outweigh the negatives.

Permeable Concrete

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We all know that when rain falls, the water goes down the drain and off to the ocean. The guiding factor that gets water from point A to point B is concrete. At the same time, did you know that concrete is being used in ways that can help the local aquifers? Students and community members say that the water is being taken away straight into the local rivers and back to the ocean after rainfall, when we actually want rainfall to refill our local aquifers. Although a big portion of the rainfall is being taken to sewers and into rivers, concrete properties have been altered in ways that help with this misunderstanding. Believe it or not, permeable concrete is a thing and helps water seep through it and into the ground.

The main goal when you have permeable concrete is to have the water seep through and into the ground rather than water staying to create ponds and then guided to the nearest sewer. This material is currently being used on campus today which is awesome because their is a lot of farming around in this area. Another place where permeable concrete is being, used in places where it rains a lot like in Manhattan. According to Pervious Concrete Inc, Permeable concrete reduces the chance of flash flooding, and it instantly recharges the groundwater.

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Thank You Concrete

Concrete has let us take construction of all kinds to a whole new level. From tall parking structures to homes, concrete can prove to you why its the better material to use. Imagine how hot it would be to live in a house that is fully metal. It would be like living in a shipping container that will be siting in the sun throughout the hot summer days, or ice cold days in the winter. Instead, concrete can actually work as an insulator. Where it stays fresher in the hot days and warmer in the cold days. You heard it, concrete can save you money by not using your air conditioner for long periods of time.

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It’s Eco Friendly

There is no doubt in mind that concrete and cement plants have one of the most strict rules to obey. United States Environmental Protection Agency show how important it is that concrete plants control their excess material, they mention specific rules and even ways to wash their equipment the proper way to not contaminate the public's sewer runoff water in their article titled “Storm Water Best Management Practice Concrete Washout.” We have all seen concrete plants at one point in our life, A fine is given to plants that have runoff water leak into the public's sewer system, due too the contamination of water. The EPA has made it very clear about concrete plants controlling their plant runoff water and making sure it stays in the property. In an article titled “Ready-Mix Concrete Producer Agrees to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations,” by The United States Department of Justice shows how one if not all concrete plants are taking the rules and regulations set forth by the government to protect the environment.

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Lets change up the lens, and put it in a common application. Many ask why cant we use plastic pipes underground or water pathways. Well the fact is that plastic can actually contaminate the water over time according to Old Castle. In the same article, they further talk about how much more convenient in many ways it is. It is very easy to use since it can be altered for certain conditions. It is also much more affordable since its practically everywhere. its also user friendly, what I mean by that is that its very easy to install and repair.

Air Quality Control

As we all know, concrete is not the most eco friendly material out on the market. It is safe to say that companies throughout the US are being regulated when it comes to their emissions. Also mentioned by the EPA, air quality around the Plant is very important for plant neighbor purposes. they also brought up the rule that they cant be within a home and running within a mile.

As you can see, concrete is a very important to keep in your mind at this moment. Believe it or not much of the industry is being in transition with young people like Concrete Industry Management majors from the University of California, Chico. Most of the industry is ran by the same people that was started during the years. It is also very important because like any other material, concrete decomposes and does not last for ever. it is evident that a lot of it needs to be repaired and its up to us what way to fix them.

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