Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) Priority Pass Lounge Review

As a consultant, I am pretty much have been travelled every week on business, and I always stop by Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW) Priority Pass Lounge before I leave in the early morning.

Priority Pass is a program that allows you to access over 1,200 airport lounges around the world, and the sheer numbers over overwhelms that of other airport lounges like American Airlines Admiral Lounge (50+), Delta Sky Club Lounges (250+), or any other lounge.


And you can get a free Priority Pass card if you get a credit card like Chase Sapphire Reserve. You can read the reviews about Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card in my other posts:

Now, let’s return to my review about DFW airport’s Priority Pass experience. You can visit https://www.prioritypass.com/en/airport-lounges to locate the DFW airport’s lounge. Actually, there are three lounges, but other two are called Minutes Suites where you can just catch a quick rest or a sleep.

Three (3) Priority Pass Lounges are in DFW Airport

But the main one we are talking about here is The Club DFW, which is currently located at Mezzanine Floor near Gate 27.

The Club DFW is located near Gate 27

As you pass through the TSA security check, you have to walk straight toward the gate but take the escalator upstair.

Take the escalator up to locate The Club DFW

There is The Club DFW. The place is quite huge, as I will explain. But, first, you need to check in.

The Club DFW entrance

At the gate, the banner sign shows what kind of memberships let you grant the access to The Club DFW. As you can see, there are more than Priority Pass membership, but this also bring a little concern. More people allowing the access here also implies that the place can be quite crowded. My flight is one of the earliest flight at 7:30 a.m., so the lounge is quite empty when I stay here. But I’ve been here during the noon and the evening time, and, oh boy, the place is almost completely full.

Many memberships can get you the access to the lounge

As you enter through the entrance, you need to provide your boarding ticket and also Priority Pass card to checkin. Previously, you had to give the card and the ticket to the desk agent, who can check in for you. But now, the procedure somehow changed as there is a credit card machine where you have to swipe your Priority Pass card, click through few steps, provide your signature, and then click checkin. You still have to show the ticket to the agent, though.

The Club DFW Desk

Remember that I said the place is quite huge? Before talking about all the cool meals you can joyfully eat, let’s tour around the places quite a big. There are essentially three area: Dining Zone, Relax Zone, Business Area, and Privacy Zone. But Privacy Zone and Relax Zone are at a same area.

First, there is the Dining Zone. This is essentially the main area and located right behind the checkin desk. You can see the bar are but primarily the sitting area resembling the dining tables.

Dining Zone features the full bar and the dining tables

But the Dining Zone also has some little private sofas like these to give a little space.

Private Sofas at Dining Zone

And there are multiple dine-in tables like these to accommodate the experience of sit-down dining.

Full dine in tables are good for two

While the bar is not open before the noon, the full bar service is available. However, there are limited selections of choices of spirits, wines, and cocktails. On the menu, few recommended cocktails are shown.

Full bar experience is available after noon

Here is a little closer look at the bar.

Closer look at the bar

Here is a slightly little different view. You can see the private sofa with the vertical monitor showing the flights. The kiosk machine is for you to take a survey.

Hallway through the dining area

The business area accompanies a little desktop computer for a simple browsing. This place also has numerous area where you can plug in your electronics.

Business Area

There are plenty of chairs available.

Many chairs at the Business Zone

But one of the best places to take a break is the Relax Zone. This is where you can sit down to take a nap, to catch a shower, or a simple sit-down relax.

Relax Zone is the best area to take a break

Here is the slightly different view of the relax zone. You can see that the place is quite huge.

Relax Zone is quite huge

But there are some surprises as well… First, you need to pass through this corridor toward the refrigerator and other drinks.

Many paintings decorate the Relax Zone

to find a place where you almost completely lie down. You can see many people are taking the short naps.

A place where you can lie down to catch naps

Another surprise is the restroom featuring the full shower.

Let’s go inside the restroom

The restroom looks very clean, and they have soaps, dryer, and sink countertop made out of marbles.

Sink Counter Top

The closer look shows the very serene looking soap and lotion bottles.

Soap and Lotion Bottles

And there is your full shower room. I never used this before, but I have seen many people coming in to take a full shower.

Full shower option is always nice

Now, returning back to the dining area, let me show you some of foods you can get. The food options changes from time-to-time. For example, I only get some quick foods like these breads and patisseries.

Only breads are available during the early morning

You can read the menu: Market Ripe, Sunrise Steel Cut Oats, Grains, Oats, and O’s, The Paintry, Fold & Top, Breakfast Roll Ups. Notice that Scrambled Eggs, Crispy Bacon, and Breakfast Potatoes are available between 7 a.m. — 9:00 a.m.

Breakfast Menu

But you also have this warm oatmeal. Very nice.

Oatmeal for your healthy breakfast

And there is a yogurt with fruits. I really love these. What I noticed in the last few visits have been, though, that the quality and the quantities of these foods have been degraded over time. For example, the yogurt plates had a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all together, but they are gone now. And the fruits containing mangoes, pineapples, and cantaloupes were much more fresh. They look quite out of freshness now.

Fruits and yogurt section

Here is a closer look at the fruits


If you want some more options, there are different bagels, cereals, and whole fruits you can try. Yeah, you can also get coffee.

Assorted Bagels

A closer look at the cereals.

Different cereals

Coffee brewing machines for various coffee options are also available. You can also get a tea, if you prefer.

Full coffee machine and teabags

Here is the closer look at different teabags.

And as you enter through the door, you can get these snacks or pick up the magazine.

Assorted Snacks and Magazines

Here is a closer look of snacks. Personally, I love wasabi peas and jelly beans, which are missing at this time.

Different snack options

And there are full soda and juice options.

Different Soda and Juices

Most drink options are also available at the Relax Zone.

Different refreshments at Relax Zone

This was my breakfast for today. I am on a diet, so I focused on cutting the sweets and carbohydrates.

My breakfast

But I also got some additional snacks and a refreshment with a magazine.

Snack time

I look down to see the TSA security gate while waiting for my flight, which was at the Gate A 29. Happily waiting for my flight here and time to move on.

Waiting for my flight time