Capturing Attention in Social Media

Before the social media boom, if a person wanted to contact another person, they would simply communicate either face to face, through email or by telephone. Those days are long gone. We now have numerous ways to communicate with one another. Some of the most commonly used sources of communication are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat. While utilizing social media, people tend to spend more time surfing the web, which leads to them viewing more content. With nearly a billion websites online, there’s a lot of competition vying for an audience’s attention (Antosz, 2015). It’s very important to capture an audience by keeping them engaged. Just recently, Microsoft was interested in how the internet has influenced human behavior, and discovered that the typical human attention span is quickly declining (Mendenhall, 2016). They discovered in 2000, humans had an attention span of only 8 seconds. This may not seem important for a person who barely surfs the web, but for a business, capturing and keeping an audience’s attention is vital. The more engaged, the better it is for the business or service. It’s important that content stands out, is informative and appeals to the eyes.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

There are many ways to maintain audience engagement in the social media world. The first thing is to make sure the website loads swiftly. Remember, a human’s attention span is approximately eight minutes long, like a goldfish, so it’s important to get the central message across quickly. A slow delay may cause the audience to start clicking away. The next tip is to include visuals and compelling graphics. Bright colors, unique fonts and colorful pictures will have a strong impact on the consumer’s attention while keeping them engaged and wanting more. Lastly, it’s crucial to include high-interest link attachments to the content because it offers other sources of information. Unappealing links may cause the viewer to leave the page for good. The goal is to keep the viewer intrigued so that they want to read more and frequently visit your page. These are just a few suggestions of many in maintaining social media engagement. Ultimately, if you keep the consumer engaged, they will share by spreading their findings with others, which will lead to vast amounts of people viewing the intended content.

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