The iOS 10 change no one noticed

Something was off. I’d been on iOS 10 for a while, but when I tried to delete an app it felt…different.

Come back to Austin, sweetheart.

I immediately reached for the left button, which was…cancel?

Unless my years of muscle memory were wrong, something had changed. So I dug up a screenshot I took on iOS 9:

We won’t be mad. I promise.

Wow. Huge changes nobody was talking about:

  1. Delete moved to the right.
  2. Delete is color-coded red.

Pretty small details, but usability is made up of details. Two main takeaways:

  • In modal confirmations, the confirmation should be on the right. I suspect this has something to do with 90% of people being right-handed.
  • Color cues are a great way to reinforce button intent. This means red for a destructive action like delete.

These aren’t new insights, but it’s nice to see them implemented in something as ubiquitous as iOS. Just another reminder of why the little things matter.